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Plain language summary for the publication: The Natural Combination Medicine Traumeel (Tr14) Improves Resolution of Inflammation by Promoting the Biosynthesis of Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators

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posted on 2022-07-05, 14:56 authored by Paul M. Jordan, Emeline Van Goethem, Andrea M. Mueller, Kathrin Hemmer, Virginie Gavioli, Vincent Baillif, Yvonne Burmeister, Natascha Krömmelbein, Marc Dubourdeau, Bernd Seilheimer, Oliver Werz

This is a plain language summary of a published peer-reviewed article. This summary was not peer-reviewed but it represents the opinions of the authors.  For a full list of declarations, including funding and author disclosure statements, please read the full open-access article online. 


This research was funded by Heel GmbH (Baden-Baden, Germany).