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Plain language summary of publication: Neurexan reduces stress-related activity in the brain’s stress network

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posted on 2023-11-27, 12:18 authored by Luisa Herrmann, Vanessa Kasties, Cindy Boden, Meng Li, Yan Fan, Johan Van der Meer, Johannes C. Vester, Bernd Seilheimer, Myron SchultzMyron Schultz, Sarah Alizadeh, Martin Walter

This is a plain language summary of a published peer-reviewed article. It  refers to a clinical trial demonstrating effects of the natural medication Neurexan in reducing stress-related activity in the brain’s stress network.  

This summary was not peer-reviewed but it represents the opinions of the authors.  For a full list of declarations, including funding and author disclosure statements, please read the full open-access article online.  


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